Q: How much do braces cost?
A: Costs vary depending on which type of treatment you receive, and the length of treatment. When you come in, we will make payment arrangements that best fit your needs!

Q: How long do braces stay on?
A: Every patients needs are different. Once you come in for a complimentary consultation with the doctor, you will be given a treatment plan that will reflect the amount of time needed to create your optimal smile!

Q: What age should my child be seen for an evaluation?
A: Every child should be seen by an Orthodontist by the age of 7 for an evaluation. This is the prime time to see how baby teeth are falling out, and adult teeth are growing in.

Q: Are you accepting New Patients?
A: Absolutely we are! We would be happy to welcome you and your family to our office!

Q: Do braces hurt?
A: You may experience slight discomfort the day your braces are put on, as well as the day you have them tightened. This is normal! Your teeth will be moving and shifting to create the smile you have always dreamed of!

Q: Will I talk funny with braces on?
A: No, braces will not compromise the way you speak. There may be different appliances the doctor recommends for treatment that take some getting used to. We recommend reading a book aloud the first day appliances are put on so that you can get familiar with your pronunciation.

Q: Can my child still play sports with braces on?
A: Of course! As long as they wear a mouth guard to protect their braces and their mouth, your child can engage in any normal activity!

Q: Can I make monthly payments on treatment?
A: Absolutely! We provide complimentary insurance benefit checks to make it easy to work with all insurance companies. We also have great opportunities for no-interest payment arrangements!

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