Invisalign Teen: An Orthodontic Treatment for Teenagers

Invisalign orthodontic treatmentInvisalign is an orthodontic system that provides adults and teenagers with a way to straighten their teeth without having to wear metal braces. Patients simply wear the clear, plastic Invisalign aligners 22 hours per day, switching to a new set of aligners about every two weeks. The strong and durable aligners are designed to shift the teeth into place in small increments, making the entire process effective, comfortable, and convenient.

Invisalign: A Virtually Invisible Solution

  • Many teenagers feel self-conscious enough as it is without having to worry about the insecurities that come with wearing metal braces. The Invisalign clear braces system is virtually invisible, so most people will never notice the aligners.
  • Invisalign Teen is an excellent choice for image-conscious teenagers. Teens who use Invisalign Teen never have to worry about braces marring their appearance for homecoming, prom, or any other special occasion.

An Orthodontic Solution Fit for Teens’ Lifestyles

  • For teenagers who play sports, Invisalign is likely a better option than traditional braces. With Invisalign, there are no brackets or wires that can break.
  • Metal braces require patients to stop eating certain foods that can stick to or break wires and brackets. But because Invisalign aligners are removed before eating, teens with Invisalign do not need to worry about steering clear of particular foods.
  • Using the Invisalign system eliminates the need to have braces adjusted (or fixed when a wire comes loose or a bracket breaks). This means fewer and shorter appointments, which is helpful for busy teens.
  • An added benefit of using Invisalign is that it enables teens to whiten their teeth during their orthodontic treatment. Invisalign aligners work well as whitening trays – all patients need to do is apply whitening gel to the inside of their aligners.

Ensuring Patient Compliance for Best Results

  • The Invisalign and Invisalign Teen systems are identical with the exception of one unique feature in the Teen system: the Blue Dot Wear Indicator.
  • In order for Invisalign to be an effective treatment, the patient must wear the aligners for the required number of hours each day. Invisalign Teen aligners come with small blue dots near the back of the mouth that fade away as the patient wears the aligners. This feature makes it easier to tell if the patient has been wearing the aligners for the required amount of time, and also makes it easier for the dentist to know when it is time for a new set of aligners.

The teenage years are often the time when patients undergo orthodontic treatment for a straighter, more beautiful smile. Now, teenagers have the option of completing this treatment in a completely inconspicuous manner. Call Dental Health Care Associates to learn more about how Invisalign Teen can help your teenager achieve a straighter smile.

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