Traditional Braces for Adults


Traditional metal braces are a good option for adults who are unhappy with their smiles and desire straighter teeth. Braces are no longer considered a treatment exclusively for children or teenagers, as more and more adults are using braces to improve their smiles. Many adults choose traditional braces to help them achieve smiles they are happy to show off.

While Invisalign is becoming very popular, some adults still choose metal braces. Some adults choose to use metal braces to straighten their teeth because they are a more affordable choice than Invisalign. For budget-conscious adults and their families, traditional braces are often the more economical choice.

Traditional braces can provide faster and more effective results than Invisalign in cases of severe malocclusion. If the patient has significant misalignment or bite problems, traditional metal braces may provide better results in a shorter amount of time.

Getting Metal Braces as an Adult


The first step in getting braces is to schedule a free consultation with our office. We’ll take the time to get to know your situation and understand your needs and desires for your smile. Then, we’ll conduct a thorough exam to determine the corrections that need to be made to your bite and/or the alignment of your teeth.

Traditional Braces Benefits


There are several reasons to consider wearing braces:

  • Many people who have crooked teeth feel self-conscious about their smiles and avoid smiling in photographs. Having a straight, attractive smile can give you a major confidence boost.
  • Some alignment issues put extra stress on your jawbone and joints, which can lead to TMJ disorder. Correcting bite issues can help prevent TMJ disorder, as well as uneven wear on your teeth. Correcting these issues can also help you chew more effectively, and choosing metal braces means correcting the issues as quickly as possible.
  • In some cases, metal braces are preferable to Invisalign treatment or other orthodontic options. This is often the case when the teeth are extremely crooked or there are major bite issues present.

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