Which Orthodontic Treatment is Right For Me?

Invisalign orthodontic treatmentIf your teeth are not as straight as you would like, or if you have bite issues, you need orthodontic treatment. This is not just an issue of making your smile more attractive; if orthodontic issues are ignored, more serious problems can occur.

There are a few factors that will determine which orthodontic treatment is right for you. Our dentists in Aston, PA work with each patient to develop a treatment plan to correct a malocclusion and leave the patient with a healthier, more beautiful smile.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional braces are made of high-grade stainless steel. They use brackets and wires to gradually pull the teeth into place.

Braces are a popular treatment option because they are very effective, even for severe cases. They are also the least expensive orthodontic treatment option.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Many people prefer the Invisalign® system to traditional braces because Invisalign aligners are practically invisible and therefore unnoticeable to others.

During the Invisalign treatment, patients wear plastic trays custom-created to move the teeth into place. Every two weeks or so, the patient receives a new set of aligners.

One benefit of using Invisalign clear braces is that patients can whiten their teeth at the same time as they straighten them by using whitening gel in their aligners.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen® is the version of the Invisalign system designed specifically for teenagers.

A patient’s success with the Invisalign system depends entirely on patient compliance. Patients need to wear their aligners for at least 20 hours per day. To ensure teenagers wear their Invisalign aligners enough, there are two blue indicator dots applied to the back of each aligner; as the aligners are worn over time, the dots fade away. This feature allows dentists to make sure the patient is wearing the aligners a sufficient amount and also helps them determine when the patient is ready for a new set of aligners.

Orthopedic Jaw Correction

Orthopedic jaw correction is sometimes needed to correct the patient’s bite. Often a two-step process, orthopedic jaw correction consists of using an appliance to alter the jaw and then using an orthodontic treatment (such as braces or Invisalign) to shift the teeth into place.

Orthopedic jaw correction can improve the appearance of the entire face, not just the smile. It is often done during childhood, when the jaw is still growing, but it can be used during any stage of life.

Orthopedic jaw correction is often a good treatment option for people who suffer from TMJ disorders due to misalignment.

Getting the Orthodontic Treatment You Need

If you have teeth that are crooked or crowded, if you have gaps in your smile, or if you orthodontic treatmentsuffer from TMJ pain, know that there is an orthodontic treatment available. Correcting these issues goes beyond simply making the smile look better; getting orthodontic treatment can prevent plaque retention and other serious oral health problems.

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